Cooking With Sunshine


The Complete Guide to Solar Cuisine

setting sun

With 150 Easy
Sun-Cooked Recipes

by Lorraine Anderson & Rick Palkovic

What could be more entertaining and magical than putting food in a box outdoors on a sunny day and enjoying a delicious fully cooked meal just a few hours later?

Solar cooking—which uses the sun’s rays as the sole heat source—has been around for centuries and can be done just about anyplace where there’s sun. Not only is it completely safe and simple, but it also saves money on fuel, limits time spent preparing meals, and is kind to the environment—plus, the results are healthy, flavorful, and satisfying.

Whether you’re new to solar cooking or have been doing it for years, Cooking with Sunshine is your definitive guide to making a variety of tasty sun-cooked meals. The book provides everything you need to get cooking, including:

  • Clear explanations of how solar cooking works and its benefits over traditional methods
  • Instructions for building your own solar cooker using inexpensive, easy-to-find materials—and information on where to buy a ready-made solar cooker
  • A selection of fun and super-easy recipes to get you started
  • A wide variety of recipes for main dishes, accompaniments, and desserts for both vegetarian and omnivorous diets
  • Creative menu ideas for special diets, tastes, and occasions

    Recipes included…     *    Crunchy nutty granola     *    Green bean pate     *    Artichoke frittata     *    Savory lentil salad     *    Tofu enchiladas     *    Eggplant parmesan     *    Pesto pizza     *    Teriyaki salmon     *    Crustless crab quiche     *    Tandoori chicken     *    Burgundy beef stew     *    Rosemary rice     *    Garlic-dill buttermilk biscuits     *    Pumpkin tofu pie     *    Apricot coconut bars     *    Peach cobbler cake     *    …and many more!

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Published by
Da Capo Press, Perseus Books Group
Retail price: $17.95
Paperback, 202 pages