Elements of Style Jazz
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Jazz, Swing & Bossa Nova Standards

We are based in Northern California
Call (530) 756-3611 for information

Elements of Style Trio
John Wagner, guitar; Jamie Knapp, bass; Rick Palkovic, guitar

John, Jamie, Rick


Elements of Style Quartet
Rick Palkovic, guitar; Jamie Knapp, bass;
John Wagner, guitar; Goran Muhlert, drums

Rick, Jamie, John, Goran


Elements of Style Quintet
John Wagner, guitar; Ken Luey, flute, clarinet, and saxophones;
Jamie Knapp, bass; Rick Palkovic, guitar;
with guest drummer Jim Roberson

John, Ken, Jim, Jamie, Rick


Trio Sound Samples

Honeysuckle Rose Satin Doll Night and Day
Fly Me to the Moon Autumn Leaves Misty
A Foggy Day Take Five Over the Rainbow