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The following table summarizes my major technical writing projects, beginning with the most recent.

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Title          Description
Troubleshooting OpenSSO with Firefox Add-Ons: Part 1, Introduction
Troubleshooting OpenSSO with Firefox Add-Ons: Part 2, Single Sign-On and Policy Protection
Troubleshooting OpenSSO with Firefox Add-Ons: Part 3, Cross-Domain Single Sign-On
Troubleshooting OpenSSO with Firefox Add-Ons: Part 4, Service Provider Initiated Fedlet Single Sign-On
Troubleshooting OpenSSO with Firefox Add-Ons: Part 5, Identity Provider Initiated Fedlet Single Sign-On
Multipart article explaining the role of Firefox browser add-ons in troubleshooting OpenSSO installations.
Technical Session: Best Practices for Large-Scale Web Sites — Lessons from eBay
Listening To Your App – 2009 JavaOne Conference
More Java, More Music – 2009 JavaOne Conference
2009 JavaOne Conference: Dynamic Languages Powered by GlassFish v3 Application Server
2009 JavaOne Conference: 'Design Patterns' for Dynamic Languages on the JVM Machine
2009 JavaOne Conference: Java: Change (Y)our World
2009 JavaOne Conference: Technical Session: Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 with Extensible GlassFish Application Server v3
Articles and Blogs from the 2009 JavaOne conference.
Using OpenSSO To Protect Java EE Applications, Part 1: Setting Up X.509 Client Authentication
A tutorial explaining how to use OpenSSO to protect a Java EE application.
Writing Your First Ruby-on-Rails Web Application
A JRuby-NetBeans tutorial.
Writing Your First PHP Web Application on the OpenSolaris OS
Writing a PHP application on the OpenSolaris OS with NetBeans and Sun Web Stack.
GlassFish v3 Prelude Previews New Features
Advanced release of version 3 of the GlassFish Application Server.
Charles Nutter Discusses JVM Language Summit
Interview with JRuby guru Charles Nutter.
RESTful Web Services and Comet
An example of an application with long-lived HTTP connections between the browser and server, a technique known as Comet.
Beyond LAMP: SAMP... LGPJ... LAMJ...
A pitch to adopt Sun-sponsored open source technologies in web development.
Weighing Issues of Scale : 2008 JavaOne Conference
Flooring the Accelerator : 2008 JavaOne Conference
2008 JavaOne Conference: General Session - JAVA + YOU
2008 JavaOne Conference: Scripting Language Smack-Down
Articles from the 2008 JavaOne conference newsletter.
Using MySQL and Memcached on the GlassFish Application Server
The title says it all.
Sun and MySQL: How It Stacks Up for Developers
Set user expectations following the Sun acquisition of MySQL.
Rails Powered by the GlassFish Application Server
How to deploy JRuby on Rails on the GlassFish Application Server
JSFTemplating and Woodstock: Component Authoring Made Easy
Describes ways to lessen the pain of JavaServer Faces component authoring.
Sun Java EE Engine: Bridging Java EE Web Services and JBI Components
Describes synergiesy between the Sun Java EE Engine and Java EE in the Java Business Integration environment.
Provisioning Sun Java System Application Server With N1SPS
Describes the Sun N1SPS Plug-In for use with Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 and GlassFish v2.
Installing Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 in Solaris Zones
The title says it all.
Clustering in GlassFish Version 2
Describes the clustering capabilities of GlassFish v2 and helps readers get started deploying applications to a GlassFish cluster.
2007 JavaOne Conference - Guidelines, Tips, and Tricks for the Java EE 5 Platform
2007 JavaOne Conference - GlassFish Application Server: Present and Future
Articles covering technical sessions from the 2007 JavaOne conference.
Java Web Start Technology and Application Clients in the GlassFish Application Server
Describes how to take advantage of the Java Web Start feature of the GlassFish application server.
Java On Solaris
Makes the case for the Solaris as the operating system of choice for Java development.
Java EE 5 SDK and Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9: A Feature Summary
The title says it all.
Java Application Platform SDK: Overview
Discusses the key features of the Java Application Platform SDK Update 7.
Portlet Example on GlassFish
Describes how to deploy a portlet on GlassFish with Pluto, the reference implementation of JSR 168.
Security Annotations and Authorization in GlassFish and the Java EE 5 SDK
Discusses authentication and authorization in the Java EE 5 GlassFish environment.
Implementing Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) with the Java EE 5 SDK
Presents architectural concepts and language constructs necessary to developing a SOA composite application in Java EE 5.
Hands-On Java EE
   Creating an Ajax-Enabled Application, a Do-It-Yourself Approach
   Creating an Ajax-Enabled Application, a Toolkit Approach
   Creating an Ajax-Enabled Application, a Component Approach
   Creating an Ajax-Enabled Application, a Phase Listener Approach
Series of articles explaining how to implement Ajax features in a legacy application that was developed in the NetBeans IDE.
Sun Java Studio Creator IDE Tutorials
Examples of how to use Sun Microsystem's integrated development environment for developing Java-based Web applications.
California Electronic Death Registration System Document Set
Users' guides for Funeral Home Directors, Coroners and Medical Examiners, and Local and State Registrars. System Administrator and Programmer guides. Included artwork and FrameMaker template design. Documents published in PDF format. Readers experienced in death registration issues but assumed naive in using Web applications.
Marimba Documentation Set
Administrators' guides, users' guides, programmers' guides, and online help for the Marimba family of change management solutions. Sophisticated readers. Documents published in PDF and HTML formats.
Broadway Documentation Set
Programmers' Guide, System Installation Guide, System Administrators' Guide, and Users' Guide for a modular, networked video file server. Documents published in PDF, HTML, and hardcopy format. Sophisticated readers.
Adobe Illustrator Document File Specification
Detailed file specification for Adobe Illustrator, versions 1.0 through 7.0. Assists readers in designing applications to read and write files in Adobe Illustrator format. Sophisticated readers.
AdobePS 5 for Windows NT External Reference Specification
Specification for the AdobePS 5 printer driver and the Adobe PostScript printer driver for Microsoft Windows NT 4 and 5. Describes printing architecture, program and user interfaces for the printer driver. Sophisticated readers.
Flashpoint Scripting Language
Overview of the FlashPoint script command set, including a description of command conventions, a summary of available commands, and example scripts. Sophisticated readers.
Adobe Job Ticket Specification
Specification for Adobe Job Tickets, a printer control technique that separates the printer control commands of a print job from its page description. Sophisticated readers.
Frame and Adobe Internet Publishing Solution Guide
Cookbook for users of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and FrameMaker (predates Adobe's acquisition of FrameMaker). Presents a detailed example of a newsletter that is published both in high-quality process color hardcopy and as a WWW page. Naive readers.
Display PostScript NX System Administrator Guide
Guide for system administrators who maintain Adobe's networked Display PostScript product for X terminals. Moderately sophisticated readers.
SPARCworks/TeamWare Solutions Guide
Series of whitepapers describing creative applications of SPARCworks/TeamWare, a CASE tool for large group development efforts. Authored approximately half the whitepapers, including a case study of the product's use in the development of SunOS 5.x. Used chiefly as a point-of-sale marketing tool. Sophisticated readers.
Display PostScript Technical Notes
Wrote and maintained a series of short technical documents for OEMs and developers of Display PostScript-based applications. The Technical Notes are addenda to Programming the Display PostScript System with X (see following item). Sophisticated readers.
Programming the Display PostScript System with X
Programming guide and set of reference manuals for X Window System programmers who develop Display PostScript applications for UNIX workstations. Published by Addison-Wesley, spring 1993. Sophisticated readers.
Introduction to SPARCworks
Introductory guide that describes in detail a set of software development tools for use on SPARC-based workstations. Used both as marketing tool and introduction to document set. Sophisticated readers. Winner of STC Achievement Award, 1993.
MacMix for the Dyaxis Digital Audio System
User's guide for Macintosh-based digital audio production software. Readers are recording engineers and radio-TV production personnel.
SunPro: The Sun Programming Environment
Marketing document describing programming tools provided by the SunOS operating system. Sophisticated readers.
Merging Source Files
User's guide to FileMerge, a software tool for merging text files. Sophisticated readers.
Building Programs with MakeTool
User's guide to MakeTool, a software tool for managing make, the UNIX utility for automatically bringing large software development projects up to date. Sophisticated readers. Winner of STC Merit Award, 1993.
8000 Fortran Library Manual
Fortran programmer's guide to a software library used to control the Kevex 8000, an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer used in chemical analysis. Sophisticated readers.
LCC Simulators Speed Development of Synchronous Hardware
Computer Design magazine article describing levelized compiled-code simulation techniques to eliminate program branching, thereby accelerating verification of hazard-free synchronous designs.
Determine Project Risk Using Statistical Methods
EDN magazine article describing a method of combining PERT charting techniques with statistical concepts in order to evaluate the probability that a project will meet its deadlines and budget constraints. Sophisticated readers.
Network Software Environment: Integration Manual
Network Software Environment: User's Guide
Network Software Environment: Reference Manual
Network Software Environment: Customization Guide
Set of documents that describe customization and use of a computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tool to assist workgroup-based programming efforts. Sophisticated readers.
SunTrac Installation Guide
SunTrac Tutorial
SunTrac User's Guide
SunTrac Reference Guide
Set of documents that describe installation and use of SunTrac project management software on a client-server-based network of Sun Workstations. Technically sophisticated, management-naive readers.
5120/5220/F1 Board A/D Converter Service Manual
Electronic technician's guide to servicing an analog-to-digital instrumentation subsystem. Sophisticated readers.
Votan Telecenter System Administrator's Guide
Votan Telecenter User's Guide
Administrator's and user's guides for maintaining an IBM-PC-based voice-mail system. User's guide includes tutorial. Naive readers.
AIDA Timing Verifier User's Guide
User's guide for computer-aided design software used by designers of digital integrated circuits. Software was part of a suite of CAD tools. Sophisticated readers.
SunPaint User's Guide
SunWrite User's Guide
User's guides for SunView-based graphics and desktop publication programs. Naive readers.
Operator's Manual: Nellcor N-1000 Multi-function Monitor
User's manual for operating a pulse-rate oximeter, which monitors a patient's pulse rate and blood oxygenation level. Sophisticated health-care professional readers.
Operator's Manual: Drager Pulse Oximeter
Similar to above manual, including troubleshooting and maintenance sections. Sophisticated readers.
Service Manual: Nellcor N-200 Pulse Oximeter
Technical service manual for repairing microprocessor-based health-care instrument. Details electronic troubleshooting to device level. Sophisticated readers.