The Players

Rick Palkovic

Rick has kept his musical muse going over the years by playing a little bit of everything. Yep, there he was in the polyester disco outfit playing guitar on Chicago covers in the early ’80s. And there he was picking up Dobro and mandolin when the bluegrass band needed another instrumentalist in the ’90s, all the while keeping up his interest in jazz guitar.

Jamie Knapp

Jamie was raised on classical and Brazilian guitar. When adopting another instrument, she decided that string bass was more convenient to haul than, say, orchestral harp. But not by a lot. Palkovic and Knapp currently can be found playing jazz with Elements of Style, swing and old-time music with Flatland String Band, and duets on guitar and mandolin.


George has been rocking in Northern California for three decades. His musical career began with inspiration from the folk music scene of the ’60s. Drawn to rock and roll by the British invasion, he went on to rock his way through the ’80s. He currently sings with the Vocal Art Ensemble and most recently performed with the Davis-based swingin’ trio, Dog with a Bone.